After winning a brief legal victory through a temporary injunction, Apple failed to block Samsung from selling its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet computer in Australia. Due to a denial of Apple's appeal by the Australian High Court, the nation's ultimate judicial body, Samsung is now free to market the device as it chooses.

According to The Associated Press, this represents a reversal of misfortune for Samsung, who had, in October, been temporarily banned from selling the device on the Australian market due to patent infringement allegations made by Apple. It eventually won that legal argument, but had to keep the Galaxy Tab 10.1 off Australian store shelves until the High Court's final decision.

The news source reports that Samsung's legal victory may help alter ideas held by some regarding the company's supposed tendency to imitate in its product development process. Apple has legally accused Samsung of doing so in 10 countries' courts, two of which – Germany and the Netherlands – have agreed with Apple's claim.

In response, Samsung has made its own allegations accusing Apple of intellectual property theft. Bloomberg reports that in a Paris, France, court, it lost an attempt to halt French sales of the iPhone 4S.