A French technology company has gone far beyond iPhone cases with its new accessory for Apple smartphone. The Withings Baby Monitor, which has been available in Europe, is now for sale in the United States for about $300.

"That's right, this sensor-packed web cam probably costs more than your handset," Engadget said of the accessory. "Then again, that $20 set of audio-only monitors you picked up at Walmart can't keep you abreast of the temperature and humidity in your child's sleeping quarters or let you watch your newborn sleep with the aid of a night-vision mode. You can get the associated WithBaby app for free in the iTunes App Store now."

The company said the design of the product is "sleek, modern, simple and unobtrusive," with a hinge design that allows parents to activate a camera and let it move to the right angle.

This accessory also is able to monitor the humidity in the baby's room and lets people look in on their child anytime. While it may be a bit more expensive than most other iPhone or iPad accessories, it could come in very handy for new parents.