Now may seem to be a great time to purchase Apple products such as the iPhone 4 from Verizon, but it is actually probably the very worst time to be buying them. We all know that many devices come and go in popularity, but for Apple it can be argued that this happens much faster than with other devices. For example, now is probably the worst time to be an iPhone 4 user on Verizon because it is almost guaranteed that there will be an iPhone 5 released in a few months. In the same respect, buying an iPad now would be awful since Apple will be releasing the iPad 2 not in months but in a time frame of weeks. Another Apple product to avoid at the moment is the Macbook Pro, which will probably be receiving some new hardware within these upcoming months and it simply would not be worth spending the same amount of money for a device which is significantly weaker and less capable than the upcoming model. This will always happen with devices, but when there is bound to be major change in a device it is much better to wait and not simply go with the craze.

Source: Gizmodo