Ballistic Lifestyle's Smooth series of mobile phone cases has been known for its distinctive rubber corners, and the company's new line of Smooth series cases has been designed specifically for the iPhone 4/4S.

The Smooth series iPhone cases feature protective rubber corners offer affective corner protection, along with some customization. The corners can be interchanged with other corner styles that come in various thicknesses. The case itself is designed to easily fit in your pocket, so it doesn't sacrifice portability for the added protection.

The case comes in blue, gray and black. Additionally, each case comes with a 10 of the protective corner bumpers, including five red and five black.

Ballistic Lifestyle also has the iPhone covered when it needs to come out of its protective case. The company's screen protection kit features two protective films that cover the iPhone's screen without impacting the iPhone's functionality. Both screens are easily removable and can be washed and reused. The kit also comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth and an applicator card.