We all know that right now is the age of tablets, so why wouldn’t there be any bargain priced tablets out? The brand Archos is is selling their Arnova 8 and 10 for practically dirt cheap prices. The Arnova 10 will be a 10 inch tablet with a resistive touch screen, 8GB memory, 600 MHz processor, and Android 2.1. The Arnova 8 will be similar, but with a smaller screen and only 4GB of memory which is fairly small. All in all for the price of $199 for the Arnova 10 and $150 for the Arnova 8 you can’t really beat the price, but you should also keep in mind that there will always be a trade off in performance, when you buy a bargain tablet. On top of that you should also keep in mind that a Archos tablet with a 1GHz processor, and a capacitive touch screen will probably be released in April, so I wouldn’t jump on these just yet.

Source: Engadget