For those who have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the cellphone batteries may be an issue, so a new extension pack has been released. The Genuine Samsung Extended Battery Kit for Glaxay Nexus is 2000mAh and will allow users to enjoy more uninterrupted time on their Nexus device.

"Although the latest smartphones have a great deal to offer, the sheer amount of usability we now enjoy can come at the expense of losing battery power fairly quickly," Phone Review said of the device. "This is where the idea of an extended battery to give you more juice can really step up to the mark. This kit includes not only the 2000mAh battery but also a replacement back cover in order to house the extended battery."

The battery should add about 3560mAh to the Galaxy Nexus battery, which means it can add about 11.5 hours of talk time. There is also a cut off on the back to give the camera room to do its thing. The device retails for just under $50.

Those familiar with Samsung products, including other Galaxy Nexus accessories, should be pretty happy with getting more time from their phone. The phone is called "one of the best" on the market by