Fujitsu has always had a preference for laptops which could transform and be just a little more than just a laptop. Although this Flexbook designed by Hao-Chun Huang, looks much like a previous concept revealed by Fujitsu in 2006, it is the winner of the 2011 “Life with Future Computing Award.” The Flexbook is a laptop which features a foldable 21:9 touch screen as well as the keyboard which is also foldable. The concept is supposed to allow for a smoother transition from laptop to tablet and even to ebook reader. It is not only foldable, but it comes with an array of skins and patterns so that it is very customizable. Although in the past this may have seemed like a very impractical design for a computer with the way the world is now it is important to have compact portability along with customization and different features.

I personally think that if Fujitsu can get a high quality touch screen onto this device unlike other tablet notebooks, it has a fairly high chance of being successful. Since tablets do seem to be the future of mobile technology it is ideal to have this convertible laptop which can double as a tablet, yet has the nice solid QWERTY keyboard which many tablet users crave. I think that another smart choice on Fujitsu’s part was giving it a large capacity for customization so that people can have their own individual look on their laptop rather than the usual generic design and colors. If Fujitsu plays their cards right with this I think it can and will be a big hit.

Sources: Engadget Designboom