When looking for iPad accessories or other mobile devices, people may notice that a lot of them can get pretty expensive. Lisa Musser said on CMV Live that even though some can get expensive, there are some good mobile accessories for under $100. One notable product listed is the slide and type keyboard for the iPhone 4 and 4S.

"The Slide & Type keyboard case set up at an angle for perfect use as a screen stand," Mussser said. "It provides backlighting for writing in dimly lit areas or complete darkness. Use for an extended period without needing to recharge the battery. Slide out keyboard is easy to use and easy to slide back out of the way when not in use."

Other devices she suggested that may be less expensive include the RightShift for the Galaxy tab, which is a keyboard with a free screen protector, the Logitech Mini Boom Box, which works with any smartphone and is portable and the Apple TV, a media device that allows people to stream TV and movies from the iTunes store.

Money Crashers said iPad cases and things that will protect the mobile investment are probably the most important mobile accessory, as they will help people protect their investment of a few hundred dollars.