Although the website be a bit biased, said the Motorola DROID Razr Maxx is one of the coolest new phones of the year, so users should look to protect this device with Droid RAZR Maxx cases. The website suggested a few of the best cases for these smartphones, including the Otterbox Defender Series Hybrid Case and Holster.

"The inner shell is a thin yet hard cover which definitely protects your phone against shocks, whereas the outer layer is rubberized to give users a good grip of it," the website said. "Droid Razr series are so thin that even if you add these two layers for protection, you would still have a normally thick smartphone on your palm. Quality-wise, Otterbox never ceases to impress both new and repeat buyers."

A couple of other case were given mention as well, including the Seidio CONVERT Combo, which TheDroidGuy said has five parts that come together to give good quality. The other case mentioned is the XT912 Shell Holster Combo with Kick-stand, as this case gives protection without compromising the thinness of the device.

Those looking for a new device they can buy phone cases for should take a look at the Razr Maxx, as Appleinsider reports that one analyst said the device is "gaining ground" on the iPhone 4S.