Many in the retail business expected Black Friday sales on November 25 to be high. Fittingly, numerous analytics firms stated that online sales stemming from attractive promotional discounts brought in approximately $816 million, 26 percent higher than last year's total, and that smartphones and tablet computers had much to do with this surge in e-commerce.

According to BBC News, research from comScore, IBM Coremetrics and Shoppertrak confirmed these figures. In-store sales increased by 7 percent from 2010's totals to hit $11.4 billion, considerably higher than the revenue from online sales, but e-commerce's year-on-year increase is being seen as more indicative of a trend that may persist throughout the holiday season and beyond.

The news source reports that Black Friday purchases stemming from smartphones and tablets made for 9.8 percent of all online sales, a notable uptick from 2010's 3.2 percent. Additionally, many of the most popular Black Friday deals were related to mobile devices and tablet or smartphone accessories, including Amazon's promotion offering leading non-Apple smartphones for a penny with a new contract.

According to the Chicago Tribune, analysts at comScore expect sales on Cyber Monday, November 28, to hit $1.2 billion, with eight out of 10 retailers offering some form of promotion to mark the occasion.