Blackberry lovers will be overjoyed to hear that the update to the Blackberry Bold 9700 will be coming out soon. The Bold 9780 will be very much like the original Bold 9700, but with a better camera, more RAM, Blackberry OS 6. All of these add up to another lovable phone by Blackberry which will catch the hearts of millions once more. With the amount of Android powered phones with 1ghz processors I feel it would be nice if Blackberry were to push out a device similar to that in their line up, but as far as things go the Blackberry Bold is probably as close to a “perfect phone”, in my opinion, you can get. There are almost to no OS issues, it has good battery life, and is great for productivity. The only problem at the moment with the new Bold 9780 is that it has not yet been signed on with any specific carriers at the moment.

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