It seems as though many people who have bought BlackBerry cell phones and mobile phone accessories to go with them may be in for a change, according to Drippler. The websites said 25 percent of people want to keep BlackBerry while 75 percent want to switch to a different mobile device.

"Our users indicate in their profiles what devices they own and what devices they want to own, so this gives us the ability to discover what type of smartphones BlackBerry owners want next," says Matan Talmi, Drippler CEO. "Our data is in line with other recent surveys that suggest an increasing number of Blackberry users want to switch to iOS or Android."

On the other end, other phones seem to be doing pretty well. A ChangeWave Research survey from December had 54 percent of customers saying they plan on buying an iPhone. The rest had pretty paltry numbers, including 13 percent looking at Samsung, 7 percent at Motorola, 3 percent HTC and 2 percent for BlackBerry.

Phone owners looking for cell phone accessories may have noticed that there are more releases and attention being given to Apple products, which may be a big reason for the lean toward the iPhone.