Many iPhone cases feature protection, fancy and sleek designs, or a good balance of functionality and design. Twelvesouth's BookBook may not protect your iPhone in a tornado, but it does offer a great deal of convenience and will still protect the phone against small-scale hazards like smudging and scraping.

The BookBook is an iPhone case that also functions as a wallet. Its material is handmade leather, and the interior is lined with small sleeves for debit, credit and I.D. cards. In addition to extra storage space, it allows access to all controls and functions while the phone is still in the case, and users can even talk on their phones with the case closed.

Continuing on the company's line of convenience accessories, Twelvesouth offers a charger for the MacBook that can charge the iPad or iPhone at the same time. The PlugBug connects with the MacBook's adapter and features a wall socket connection, with an additional USB connection located on the back.