Satechi announced good news for users who like to use their iPhones as TVs or play the device's music through their stereos. The company's new BT Media Remote can control the multimedia functions of any iOS device, so there won't be any more need to leave the comfort of the sofa to play a new video with the iPhone connected to the television.

In addition to being able control music and video playback, there's even a button to activate Siri. Photography lovers may also have a reason to rejoice, as the remote can also activate the iPhone's camera, so they'll be able to take pictures while still being included in the shot.

The remote has six months of battery life and connects to the iPhone and iPad through Bluetooth. It can also be used with Keynote on Bluetooth-enabled Mac computers to control presentations, so it adds a little bit of professional functionality to go with its entertainment convenience. The play button starts the presentation, while the forward and rewind buttons can be used to switch between slides.

The company may not have iPhone cases, but it does have a wide variety of other accessories, like a portable and rechargeable speakers for the iPhone 4 and a portable charging station for the iPhone and iPad.