As if the 10 million Samsung Galaxy S phones sold were not enough to please Samsung they will be releasing some smaller and lower powered devices which are similar to the Galaxy S. It is true that you will miss out on the true feeling of owning one of the amazing Galaxy S phones with it’s Super AMOLED display, but when you are on a budget you make the most of what you can get. Samsung is releasing the Samsung Ace which most resembles the Galaxy S series in looks and power, the Samsung Fit, Samsung Gio, and Samsung Galaxy Mini. Aside from the Samsung Ace, which has a 800mhz processor, the Gio, fit, and Galaxy Mini all run on a 600mhz processor. All of these devices will have Android OS and Samsung TouchWiz UI. All of these phones may sound appealing to those of us on a budget, but it appears the release is mainly intended for the UK and Asia so we will be spared of the downgraded Galaxy phones.

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