There have been many iPhone accessories that let users find better ways to take pictures, and Kogeto recently announced the release of the Dot camera for the iPhone. This camera lets users shoot 360-degree panoramic videos and may soon be available for other phones as well.

"Next on their agenda is bringing the joy of all things panoramic to Android users, starting with a panoramic camera lens attachment for Samsung's Galaxy Nexus," Elizabeth Harper writes on Tecca. "All they have are prototype designs at present, but they plan to release one this year, with hopes for a design that will work easily with multiple phone models."

Harper said the company is also working on a video editor to allow people to turn their movies into ordinary videos that can be played outside of the Kogeto player. She said the new software will allow users to take videos and instantly share it with friends.

For those who want to start taking 360-degree panoramic videos with these mobile phone accessories, the Dot is available for iPhone 4 and 4S starting at $79. The video editing equipment should be available later this year.