X-Doria has a new iPad case for users who don't like leaving their gadgets out in the cold. The CampFire case looks like a sleeping bag and functions like a protective case.

The padded cushion-lined case also acts as a functional stand, as the cushion can be manipulated to position the iPad at just about any angle, and it can be used effectively even on soft surfaces.

The CampFire can also be pulled around the iPad to protect its screen from the harsh outside world. It is a little larger than other iPad cases, but sacrifices must be made to be able to comfortably view content in bed, on a plane or anywhere else iPad users might find themselves.

Of course, some people might want something a little more portable. X-Doria has a line of Folio cases that feature a thinner, more lightweight design, such as the Dash Folio Leather case. This accessory is made from a leather-like material and the inside comes lined with durable microfiber for added protection.

Both the leather folio and CampFire cases are designed to fit the iPad 2 and new iPad.