Planes have always had black boxes so that they would know what had happened on a flight if anything did wrong while in flight. China was finally the country to be smart enough to come out with a sort of black box which records videos so you know what is going around you in the car. This will make anything such as figuring out whose fault it was that you got into a car crash much easier through the video. All things do come to an end since this will not work unless you are driving the car, so it will not be able to get the license plate of the car that hit your parked car and just drove off. Simply put it only works while you are driving and only stores enough video as there is space on the memory card. For $40 it comes with a 2GB memory card which is a bit too small to get in all of the footage of when you are driving so you will need to purchase a larger memory card. The price of a memory card and this $40 black box is much cheaper than accident costs though.

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