While cell phone batteries can become an inconvenience on long road trips, it may become less of a problem for drivers in the next few years. The 2013 Dodge Dart will have a wireless charging service.

"The system has two components: a mat (which is plugged into a power source and has a spooled induction coil, creating a low-power electromagnet) and one device case (which has a second induction coil and plugs into a mobile phone or other portable electronic device)," according to the news source. "Charging the device is as easy as sitting it on top of the mat and eliminates any extraneous wires or adapters."

The Wall Street Journal said this charging device will allow for Apple iPhones, BlackBerry devices, Android devices and MP3 players to easily charge without ever having to be plugged in. This charging service is scheduled to arrive in these cars in the second quarter of this year and will cost about $200 for installation.

Those who frequently go on long business trips can look into this to boost low power levels in their cell phone batteries. Other phone accessories that allow for easy charging are available for those who may not necessarily want a Dodge Dart.