With so many phone cases only giving partial protection to users, the X-Doria Defense 360 could be a breath of fresh air for people who want all-around protection for their iPhone 4 or 4S. MacWorld said while the thinness of the device is impressive, it may not hold up to everyday use, and believes the device provides a false sense of security for the user.

Despite MacWorld's critique, the X-Doria Defense 360's well-placed openings make it user friendly. There are holes cut out so access to every button is easy.

"Installation of the Defense 360 is easy – you snap your iPhone into the main section that covers the sides and back of the iPhone much like any other shell case does," MacWorld said. "Then, you snap the front cover on. The front piece not only covers the face and multi-touch screen of the iPhone, but also the bottom and top sections usually left open by most shell cases."

X-Doria's website said these phone cases give full screen protection, defense against scratches and all over protection. It may not hold up against a huge drop, but it will keep certain aspects of a phone very safe.