There are plenty of iPhone covers and cases that make sure the device stays safe, but it seems like there are more devices coming out now that can help with other aspects of the phone. The Fedigear AudioGlove could be a great accessory for people looking for a way to improve their smartphone's sound without having to plug it into speakers.

"The bottom portion of the AudioGlove case slides out, thus creating an 'acoustically engineered retractable waveguide chamber that “naturally” amplifies the sound coming to and from the iPhone,'" Ubergizmo said of the device. "When you don’t want to use it, all you’d have to do is slide it back up. It’s a pretty compact and clever solution, we have to admit. It promises to increase your iPhone’s volume by over 10 decibels and supposedly increases the effectiveness of the microphone by blocking out background noise and wind."

This device is compatible with iPhone 3GS, as well as the 4 and 4S. The company said the AudioGlove was tested by acoustic engineers in Dolby Laboratories and creates a warmer, richer sound to improve what comes from the microphone.

Protecting a phone doesn't have to be the only function of good phone cases. Devices like this and others can be great additions to how the iPhone works.