One company is producing cell phone accessories that may end up saving someone from the stress associated with losing their mobile device.

MyPhoneLeash is a 24-inch retractable nylon cord that securely attaches to a belt, purse or backpack, making it hard for even the most clumsy cell phone user to misplace his or her phone.

“The development team of MyPhoneLeash possesses over 20 years of hands-on experience in the computer industry and software development," said Joseph Collura, spokesperson for MyPhoneLeash. "They are proud to introduce a family of products that bring security and peace of mind to cell phone users everywhere. The team paid close attention to consumer feedback in developing the most functional products of this nature on the market."

Wired said these mobile phone accessories should help people stop dropping their phones in the toilet, losing it to a "fatal impact" or just flat out losing the device. Investing in an accessory like this sure beats spending hundreds of dollars on a new device.