For those who worry about getting their phone wet at some point, one cell phone cover protects iPhones from water without adding a ton of bulk to it, according to Gigaom. The Lifeproof iPhone case is thin and tightly sealed.

"While I didn’t take it in the shower, I did take the empty case into a bathtub multiple times and saw absolutely no leaks inside," according to Dave Greenbaum's review on Gigaom. "I wasn’t quite adventuresome enough to try it with my iPhone inside, but third-party tests and user reports suggest it works as advertised. All the iPhone physical buttons are protected, and an integrated screen protector covers the home button."

The insides of the phone are protected by a screen top on the head phone jack, a flip cover for the dock protector and a screen cover that the reviewer said doesn't take away from the display. Even the speakers are protected by light material to let sound pass through but prevent water from getting in.

Other waterproof cell phone accessories, according to the Google store, include the Aquabox Waterproof Smartphone case, the Otterbox Marine case and the Dry Pak Waterproof StandardCell Phone Case.