While the cellular phone industry said it supports banning manual texting from all cars, it doesn't support the National Transportation Safety Board's proposal to ban all phones from drivers, The Hill reports. Mobile phone accessories, such as Bluetooth headsets, and new features, like voice texting, could come in handy if manual texting is banned in cars.

The CTIA Wireless Association said texting by hand is a ban that makes sense, but with voice recognition software and on-board computers, phones shouldn't be a huge distraction, according to the news source. The NTSB called for a "complete ban" on portable electronic devices in cars saying that only devices such as GPS systems should be allowed.

"Manual texting while driving is clearly incompatible with safety, which is why we have historically supported a ban on texting while driving," CTIA President Steve Largent said on the group's blog. "As far as talking on wireless devices while driving, we defer to state and local lawmakers and their constituents as to what they believe are the most appropriate laws where they live."

There are many apps that can be useful for drivers who still feel the need to text. The BlueAnt Q2 Bluetooth Headset is a mobile phone accessory that can be used, in part, to dictate texts while driving.