Users looking for an extra layer of protection from iPhone cases may like what they see going on at CellPig. The company's new iPhone case, CellHelmet, comes with its own accident damage coverage. The guarantee doesn't guard against water damage, but the company promises an unlimited number of repairs from damage caused by falling, as long as the phone was in the case at the time.

For $44.99, the CellHelmet case comes with one year of coverage and features a few layers of its own protection, so hopefully users won't have to make use of their free coverage. The case is made with a  dense polyurethane rubber shell, with angled corners to disperse the force of impacts. Each case comes with two interchangeable, PVC backplates, allowing users a bit of customization for their cases. The color selections include blue and green, pink and purple, or white and black.

CellHelmet also features a sleek design. At less than a half-inch thick and 2.7 inches wide, it doesn't add much bulk to the iPhone.