What's the use of a mobile phone if it doesn't let users stay, well, mobile? In a world where iPhone cases and covers come in abundance, Clarion has an accessory with something a little different. The Next GATE gives users access to the iPhone's functionality on the go. The accessory can be installed inside a vehicle and uses voice commands to make and answer calls from the iPhone.

Ok, so hands-free calling isn't a new thing, but Next GATE has a few other features that put it ahead of some other iPhone accessories. The voice-recognition system also enables text messaging and email. Since it installs with the vehicle's audio system, it lets users play iPhone media through their car speakers. Apps have already been developed for Next GATE that allow users to access internet radios like Pandora through voice commands. It also features a 7-inch touchscreen monitor for enhanced accessibility.

Clarion plans to utilize the "Smart Access" technology found in Next Gate in future products as well. Starting in June, Clarion plans to release Smart Access products such as a car navigation system. By utilizing cloud-based connectivity, the company plans to provide ongoing support for its products and issue updates to enhance existing products.