New tablet and mobile phone accessories are now going to be more widely available for AT&T devices from ZAGG, which specializes in producing accessories for cellphones. The company will release its ZAGGsparq portable battery charger and the ZAGGkeys FLEX gadget keyboard and stand.

The company said the FLEX "is a versatile standalone keyboard accessory that delivers superior convenience and function for smartphones and tablet computers." The device is compatible with both Android and Apple products and will allow tablet owners to use a keyboard through Bluetooth technology. This product is $79.

The ZAGGsparq, a portable charger, includes four full recharges for most smartphones and has two ports for USB gadgets. Handheld gaming systems, cameras, tablets and more can be attached to this product. The ZAGGsparq retails at about $99.

ZAGGsparq can take the iPad from 0 percent to 60 percent battery life at the same rate as any wall charger, the company said. IPad 2 accessories such as this can be useful for those who travel or commute a lot.