Mobile phone accessories have come a long way since the days when having a case meant making your phone nearly twice as big. Now, new cases are being relased for the Galaxy Nexus by Cruzerlite.

The cases are transparent and come in multiple different colors, including smoke, green, blue, pink, clear and black. There are also other color options wanted for those who want to get a bit more wild.

"Swamped with style, the Cruzerlite cases are said to fit like the proverbial glove, even if the phone is saddled with the extended battery pack," according to Phones Review. "For $9.90 it seems like a cracking deal, but to make it even better, if you order three you get one for free."

These cases also feature an illustration of the Android logo, "Andy the Android," on the back for those who are into the robot aesthetic.

These cell phone accessories and others are starting to become more lightweight and efficient for users who want to carry their phones around with ease. Keep and eye out for more innovative products for Android and other phones as the year moves on.