A classier look than metallic silver or pure black can be had for iPad 2 owners in search of a vintage feel. New iPad 2 accessories can give the tablet more of an old school look.

The Electric Library smart cover for the iPad 2 will "bring a touch of old-fashioned charm to your new high tech toy," according to Retro To Go.

"This hand-embossed soft tanned leather cover lined with microfibre, adorned with vintage type, will keep your iPad's screen clean & scratch free, as well as masquerading it as a vintage marvel of the early 20th century," the website said, adding that the cover is $89.99 and is available in red brown, dark brown or black.

Consumers who want another retro cover option for their iPad 2 may want to check out a new item that makes the trendy apple device look like a 1984 Mac. There is an image of a floppy drive and the "Hello" from MacPaint on the screen. The cover sells for $37 and is made of thermoplastic with cutouts for the Apple Smart Cover. These iPad 2 accessories could be a great holiday gift for a loved one or yourself.