IPad accessories have been getting more complex over the past couple of years, but new Apple iPad stands from StandApart are very simple in design and construction, according to AllTouchTablet.com. The website said both stands they received work with the iPad 2 and are simple enough to let the device keep its charm.

"All StandApart products are hand made in USA using local suppliers, and for each 25 sold units they plant a tree," AllTouchTablet said. "That’s nice and I’m sure some of you will really appreciate it. Now back to the two Stand Apart stands. Both are made from one block of material, so you can say they’re unibody.

"Both have a rectangular shape with slightly rounded edges and two grooves where you’ll be fitting your iPad 2 tablet in two inclination angle, both pretty steep, not really suited for typing, but excellent for watching videos and browsing the web."

The website said the company provides a lifetime warranty for the stands, which run from $13 to just less than $30. AllTouchTablet said using the new iPad with these stands may require some sandpaper to widen the stand's grooves just a bit.

For those who want to be green in buying iPad accessories, manufacturer StandApart said it orders supplies from eco-friendly companies that are active about the environment in their community.