With the new iPad out from Apple, many companies have been trying to create new iPad accessories that will be crowd pleasers. One company, DX, said it recently released a line of new iPad accessories, including an LCD FM transmitter for those who like to drive with their device by their side.

"With the success of the iPad in general and the release of the new iPad, the demand for accessories is higher now than at any time in history," the company said. "The pressure on retailers to keep pace with demand is more than most online stores can keep up with, which leads to poor service and disappointed customers. DX is equipped to handle this large volume of demand and is always on the forefront of the newest and coolest gadgets available to the iPad and the iPhone."

DX said it also has a compact portable mini projector available for the iPad, which could help those who have movies on their iPad that may want a bigger screen. The company said it tries to keep prices competitive and wants to offer products ranging from "the mundane to the ultra-cool."

MacWorld said there are already plenty cool, new iPad accessories out now, including Bluetooth speakers, multiple new headphones and new cases. The case may be one of the more important purchases, as the new iPad is a slightly different size than iPad 2.