Kesington, a company that produces mobile phone accessories and other technology, announced a new line of products, including accessories such as a keybaord folio case and security and productivity products for tablets.

"We know our customers consider tablets much more than just a device – they are a way of life. We strive to offer accessories that not only keep up, but improve, their always-connected lifestyle," said George Foot, vice president of marketing and development for Kensington. "As the tablet market continues to grow it is natural for us to continue providing all of the essentials our customers need to make their tablet computing the best experience possible."

The company's products will be able to cater to devices from Samsung, Amazong and others. The most prominent announcement, according to PC Mag, was the KeyLite Ultra Slim Touch Keyboard Folio for the iPad 2. This product gives users touch technology to increase productivity on tablets.

Tablet and cell phone accessories have become more popular as the devices themselves have, so users can look forward to more innovation this year.