In what PadGadget calls an iPad 2 accessory that James Bond would be jealous of, the Magic Cube virtual laser keyboard that projects a virtual keyboard on any flat surface. The device comes from Hammacher Schlemmer and has a battery capacity for about 2.5 hours of operation.

The keyboard operates on Bluetooth and has an operational Class II laser-generated keyboard that will work on flat, opaque surfaces. The device is about 9-and-3/4-inches wide and 4-inches deep, with keys that are about three-fourths of an inch. The company said it has “keystrokes in three dimensions by an optical sensor that detects finger placement at different areas on the keyboard, distinguishing between a finger hovering above the space bar or a number key."

This accessory can keep up with even the quickest of typists, as it accounts for about 400 characters per minute. It also offers a lifetime guarantee, which means users can trade it in for exchange, credit or a refund if it displeases in any way.

These iPad 2 accessories will run about $200, and the iPad Guide said assuming the laser works as advertised, the bigger virtual keys should help cut down on typing errors.