Touting its new iPad accessories as the "most advanced," Pong Research Corporation announced a new iPAd case that protects the case and helps boost the 3G and 4G reception of the device and the Wi-Fi reception.

"Most people aren't aware that, in order to meet FCC safety requirements for radiation exposure, Apple had to build into every 3G/4G iPad a proximity sensor that activates when the iPad senses that it is next to the body," says Dr. Shannon Kennedy, president and CEO of Pong Research Corporation. "Unfortunately, an iPad can't differentiate between the human body and a typical iPad case so, if you have your iPad in a standard case, you've already tripped the sensor and you've reduced the device's cellular signal strength by as much as ninety percent."

Kennedy said this new iPad case is the only one on the market that is designed to make it work with Apple's proximity sensor and the case will not set of the sensor to worsen the Wi-Fi signal.

The company's website said the iPad accessory's antenna redirects the harmful electromagnetic radiation away from the user's head, reducing 95 percent of the amount of possible radiation people get by the FCC standards.