With Apple seemingly dominating the mobile and accessory market, other phones don't get quite as much hype, but Angela Corry writes on TheCelebrityCafe.com that iLuv has some great Kindle accessories out on the market now.

"To me, the most obvious accessory is your case. It shows the world your Kindle personality," she said. "I got the Belgique Foam Padded Sleeve (Kindle Fire or Kindle Touch) in hot pink. After live Grammy coverage from my Fire, this was a great fit. With its memory foam cover and plush interior, I felt confident keeping my Kindle in my bag while on the run."

Other accessories Corry spoke highly of for the Kindle included the Blazin Portfolio Stand, which is a leather cover that allows the Kindle to open like an old-fashioned book and creates a hands-free stand. She said the Active Sport Sweat Resistant Ear Clips are also great for Kindles and other devices.

Brian Yang, vice president of sales and marketing at iLuv, said the company is offering the most comprehensive accessories for these products. He said the Kindle was one of the most popular holiday gifts, so it only makes sense to offer high-quality Kindle accessories.