There's something a bit different  the Apple line of smartphones by Photojojo than the standard iPhone covers or accessories that dominate the market. The company is launching a new line of gadgets for the iPhone, including a remote, shutter grip and boom mic, according to App Advice.

A remote for the iPhone, which will run about $40, can be used with Bluetooth and operated up to 30 feet away. Part of this remote can detach and be used as a stand, which is useful for people who like to take group pictures. The Shutter Grip will allow people to take pictures without touching the screen and the boom mic is said by App Advice to be "legitmately useful."

"It connects to your iPhone’s headphone jack and can be adjusted to accommodate most cases," the website said. "The boom mic [can] be set to directional (multi-layered sounds; concerts) or super-directional (more precise recording). No more background noise to mess up your on-the-go interviews."

Slashgear said Photojojo released another accessory recently for the iPhone 4 and 4S called the Rangefinder, which essentially turns the iPhone into a classic point-and-click camera.