A new case that will work for iPad 2 accessories, as well as other brands, will be available soon and will allow users to suction the case to the back of their case for safer gripping, hanging and other things. Octa debuted the cases at Las Vegas' International Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month.

"Many tablet accessories are created simply to provide protection, but they don't extend the functionality of the device," said COO Nikki Braziel. "Our goal at Octa is to improve the way people use their technology. Our product line is not only universally adaptable to a range of tablets and ereaders, but it also adds usability when you're on the go. The WhaleTail creates a handle that allows you to safely use your tablet while working, walking, traveling, multitasking, reading or watching a movie." 

The cases, the Vacuum Dock and WhaleTail stand, will allow users to have more mobility. The Vacuum Dock has a low-angle stand, and when the WhaleTail is attached to the dock, it can have a range of angles and ways to handle the device.

Cases from Octa are valued at about $60 and will be shipped in February. They are currently available in black and are compatible with other future Octa TabletTail accessories as well.