IPad 2 accessories and other tablet tagalongs can be great, but these things don't mean much if there's no mobile or Wi-Fi signal. One company, Option, is trying to fix that with a new accessory that they call the "world's-smallest hotspot." The Option XYFI is integrated with 3G, Wi-Fi and hotspot connectivity, the company said.

"XYFI's easy 'out-of-box' setup brings instant connectivity to everyone without the need to install any software or drivers," said Jerome Nadel, chief experience officer at Option. "It can be powered in many different ways, making it ideal for use on the move anywhere that a user has 3G or Wi-Fi coverage, a USB slot and power. The intuitive web pages are optimized for use on mobile devices and guarantee users the best possible connectivity experience."

Up to eight connections can be made to this device at the same time, the company said, so users can easily connect to the device. The device is powered by a USB connection, so it can be plugged into a wall or a car plug.

According to Pocket-Lint, there is no release date for the device yet, but it is said to be less than $100. Those who have invested in Bluetooth headsets, iPad 2 accessories and more should make sure they always have connectivity with a device like this.