With new iPad accessories to be heavily pushed and released by companies this year, one company is showing that it may be a good idea. Amzer said it sold more than 12,000 cases for the new iPad in three days.

"We're constantly working on adapting our products to the real-life situations people face everyday and taking steps towards integrating them for improved functionality with the new iPad," says Pinakin Dinesh, CEO of Amzer. "With the immersion of tablets into the core lives of so many, protective accessories are practically essential in helping people stay connected."

The Reserve and Trifecta Collections from the company are expected to be released very soon. Amzer said it is one of the few companies to be able to give comprehensive product-lines for all of the newest mobile products being launched, and they seem to have many new iPad products available.

New iPad accessories may be a good business investment at this point, as TechCrunch is reporting that Piper Jaffray, an investment firm, is predicting the sale of 66 million new iPads in 2012.