With a litany of new iPad 2 accessories, one company decided to go the "underdog" route and produce a dock for the Samsung Galaxy tablets. The new iSM524 ArtStation Pro, will be the first audio docking station for the brand of tablets, according to its manufacturer, iLuv.

The dock will feature "cinematic" sound quality and will look to transform the Galaxy into something of a home entertainment center. The tablet is stationed well above the dock so that people can watch movies, TV shows and other things with ease.

“At iLuv, we continually strive to anticipate and deliver the most comprehensive range of feature-rich solutions for every facet of the mobile lifestyle," said the company's marketing director, Pio Chon. "We are proud of our partnership with Samsung, and of the fact that we are the first and only company to offer an audio dock for the Galazy Tab series. The ArtStation Pro for Galaxy Tab is truly a testament to iLuv’s design and engineering prowess and enhances the Samsung Galaxy Tab beautifully.”

Amazon.com currently lists a Samsung Galaxy Tab at $429.99, while shoppers should expect to spend about $149.99 for the dock.