If there's one thing that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth have taught us, it's that life is better when you cut the cord. With this sentiment in mind, design studio Bluelounge recently revealed a docking station that enables iPhone users to charge their handsets sans cord.

According to Bluelounge, its new MiniDock is designed for functionality and aesthetic appeal. Rather than creating a tangled mess whenever an iPhone needs some juice, the mobile phone accessory uses "innovative cord management" that cuts down on the clutter.

The product is simple enough. It uses the USB power adapter with which most iPhone users are familiar and plugs directly to an electrical outlet. The mobile devices are charged standing upright and are safe from being tripped over by clumsier owners.

"MiniDock meets the public's desire perfectly, with a sleek and innovative charging station that doubles as a display stand, so proud iPhone owners can use their hardware efficiently while they charge it," said Bluelounge creative director Dominc Symons.

The iPhone is undoubtedly in high demand among consumers worldwide. According to Apple's most recent earnings report, the company managed to sell 20 million iPhones during the fiscal third quarter of 2011.