Just like most of the phones which are released as sequels to another phone in the Verizon line up there is not too much advertising of it prior to it’s release. We do not know the reasons for this, but there is currently a rumor that there will be a sequel to the Droid Incredible and it will be called the Droid Incredible HD. Possibly looking back on what had happened with the Blackberry Storm 3 rumor if there is not enough change to make this release a true sequel they could possibly cancel it’s release. I would personally love to see an even more incredible Droid Incredible. I mean the phone is already fantastic and performs so well, so we know there is only so much that they can upgrade on it for a sequel. The release is projected for November 23rd (2 days before Black Friday). Although it is only a rumor I would still go and check to see if you will see something Incredible.

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