Some people like to show off with purses, some with shoes. Apparently some people now like to show off how gaudy they can be with iPhone covers and cases, as Couture has a new set of iPhone 4S cases out. GearLive said they recently got their hands on some of these cases and tested them out.

"The pink Punx Not Dead Couture case was a super-girly attention-getter and started more conversations than any accessory, hair or makeup I've ever had," the reviewer said. "I loved the bright pink color and the big heart and crown on the case. Visually, the pink, Swarovski crystal-encrusted Hub Innovations Couture case that wrapped my white iPhone 4S looked fantastic."

With those positives, GearLive said the case was pretty heavy with all of the gear attached to it. It is also extremely hard and uncomfortable to put in pockets. The writer likens the case to a pair of heels: It may not be the most practical thing in the world, but it's a good fashion accessory for those who want it.

For those who want a more practical Couture case, the Apple website lists a cheaper version with less bling. This could make for a more practical purchase as far as iPhone 4S cases are concerned.