Any fan of hip-hop knows how important Gucci can be for status. If you have the bag, you need to have the shoes and, in the case of some rappers, you need to have the brand in your stage name. Now Gucci will allow fashion heads to style their apple products with iPhone and iPad 2 accessories in the form of Gucci cases.

"Yes, your iPhone and iPad get the opportunity to be decked out in Gucci’s interlocking G pattern in flexible silicone cases that will keep your iPhone 4 and 4S and iPad 2 safe from dust, fingerprints and scratches, not to mention that if you happen to drop your device, the cases also offer a bit of shock protection," according to StupidDope's writeup of the cases.

The case allows those who travel frequently or even those who just want stylish protection can pick up the case, which comes in forest green, black or red.

Gucci's store said the iPad 2 accessories retail for about $160. While not cheap, fashion never comes at an inexpensive price, and the silicone case should help protect the device, as well.