All good things must come to an end. And in the case of the Dell Streak 5, sometimes less-than-marvelous things meet their maker as well.

It's been a relatively short, but rough journey for the Streak 5, and Dell quietly revealed that it has decided to pull the plug on the troubled smartphone/tablet hybrid.

The Texas-based electronics manufacturer made a bold move when it introduced the hybrid device, but, unfortunately, the Streak 5 was marred by several delays, overpricing and lack of software updates. The design of the Streak 5 was also often criticized for being too small for a tablet, yet too big for a phone.

Dell noted that it will continue to offer mobile phone accessories for the Streak 5, but those looking for the tablet itself would be better served checking eBay.

Dell followed up the mediocre launch of the Streak 5 with the Streak 7 earlier this year. Despite boasting 4G capabilities and significant price cuts, critics have generally been less than impressed by the newer device.