Apparently Dell has no problem with trying the patience of it’s customers. This past week the Dell Venue Pro, their Portrait Sliding QWERTY Windows Phone 7, which has a few bugs which they have known about. The Venue Pro has some issues connecting to secure wi-fi networks, and some of their batteries have been mistakenly mislabeled. To begin with it was already a phone which was hard enough to come by in one of the seven Windows retail stores, so it is pretty ridiculous for those lucky enough to even get a device to be forced to go through such early troubles. Dell claims that the connectivity issue is nothing more than a software problem, yet no announcement has been made for an update to fix that. On another note they are even making people who wish to return or exchange the device wait until the end of next week before they can do so. I have no idea what Dell is thinking in their corporate mind, but it is clear that customer satisfaction with the Venue Pro has not been of high priority.

Sources: Engadget Dell