Earlier this week, an invitation from Barnes & Noble was sent to various media representatives regarding a press conference announcement of a new product on November 7. Recently, more specific details of the unveiling surfaced, revealing that the device would be called the Nook Tablet, according to SlashGear.

The news source reports that the new tablet will be similar in some ways to the currently available Nook Color – also a hybrid e-reader and tablet computer – but with various additions to its capabilities. The devices will both feature identical 7-inch displays.

Preliminary information, which has yet to surface through official channels, states that the Nook Tablet will contain a dual-core OMAP4 processor produced by Texas Instruments, feature 16 GB of internal hard disk space with a microSD slot to add 32 GB of additional storage. It is {slightly} thinner and lighter than the Nook Color, while also having 8 GB more in data storage.

Unofficially, the Nook Tablet will be priced at $249, while the Nook Color's price will in turn be reduced to $199.

PC Magazine reports that any new tablet from Barnes & Noble would have to feature attractive content offerings and tablet computer accessories to compete viably with Amazon's upcoming Kindle Fire tablet.