In a move to keep competition alive and foster affordable wireless service, the U.S. Department of Justice has filed an antitrust lawsuit to block AT&T from merging with T-Mobile.

If the companies were combined, they would form by far the largest service provider in the nation. The DOJ feels the merge would lead to lower quality products such as smartphones and the innovative mobile phone accessories changing the computer industry, as well as other potential cost increases such as contract terms and service rates.

"We all reap the benefits of this incredible technology because there has been fierce competition in this industry, which has brought all of us innovative and affordable products and services," deputy Attorney General James M. Cole said in a press conference. "…a merged AT&T and T-Mobile would combine two of the four largest competitors in the marketplace, and would eliminate T-Mobile, an aggressive competitor, from the market."

Mobile devices have become more than just phones with added features, as business professionals, students and government workers have adopted the technology for remote computing and networking. In a down economy, drastic changes to the cost of an established mode of business communications could prove detrimental to recovery.