Tablets and e-readers are quickly becoming the top new technology in the classroom, as educators realize the benefits of introducing children to cutting-edge technology, avoiding outdated texts and potentially cutting costs on expensive new books.

A single elementary or secondary student's textbook needs over the course of a school year could amount to the same price as an e-reader, and with grants and donations, the technology may soon prove to be a financially sound investment for most educational institutions. Mobile accessories are an added expense, however, and without basic protection, these devices can meet an untimely end in the hands of children. Unlike textbooks, tablets can't be covered with everyday paper, and a small mistake can lead to more than cosmetic problems.

Accessories manufacturer M-Edge recognized this conundrum and is working on a solution. The company formed its Education Team to partner with educators and administrators to help keep devices running as well as possible with protective accessories discounted for budget-conscious school districts.

"Teachers were contacting us inquiring about our products, and it was clear to me that we needed to have a group dedicated to assisting educators," said Allison Ward, vice president of M-Edge customer relations and Education Outreach.

Thanks to the program, school e-readers will hopefully see a longer life and benefit a larger number of teachers, students and librarians across the country.