Within the first three days of its official release on October 14, more than 4 million units of the Apple iPhone 4S were sold around the world. These figures constitute a new record for the company, which significantly improved upon the figure of 1.7 million units sold during the first release weekend of the first iPhone 4.

According to Bloomberg, this is complemented by the success of two related Apple services – the iOS 5 mobile OS and the iCloud web-based storage system. Over 25 million Apple users have downloaded the former, and more than 20 million have signed up for the latter. These features, along with the Siri voice-recognition software, high-speed processor and other iPhone accesories of the 4S, give credence to estimates that 25 million or more units of the device will be sold during 2011's fourth quarter.

The news source reports that on the day of the 4S' release, Apple set another record – for the price of its stock. It rose by 3.3 percent to hit $422 a share. These recent sales will not be included in totals for Apple's most recent quarter, profits for which are nonetheless expected to hit $6.97 billion.

Apple plans to officially release unlocked versions of the iPhone 4S, which are unattached to any particular wireless provider during November, according to Mercury News.